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The Story Behind Dubby's Ultimate Burgers

What started out as just a husband lovingly preparing burgers for his wife, has now turned into the new ultimate burger experience in Metro Cebu!

JP Maunes, the master cook of Dubby’s Ultimate Burgers, has always prepared and brought food for his wife Maimai in her workplace. However, during the community quarantine period almost all stores were closed. JP thought of ways to fill Maimai’s tummy and heart, while she was away at work as one of the essential front liners.

Every day, he would wake up early and make sandwiches, burgers, and other food for her. It became his way of expressing his love for her, and reminding her that no matter how tiring and crazy her day would be, she could always look forward to a comforting meal lovingly made by him.

It just so happened that one day he had six extra burger buns and didn’t want to waste them. He asked his friends if anyone wanted to order some burgers, and they said yes! Long story short, everybody loved the burgers, and so JP and Maimai took a leap of faith and started Dubby’s Ultimate Burgers.

They named it Dubby’s Ultimate Burgers because “Dubby” is their term of endearment which is short for “Lovey (Dovey) Dubby.” The abbreviation of Dubby’s Ultimate Burgers is DUB, which is what they call each other. Now, they call their customers #BurgerDubs to show their love for everyone’s support. What started out as a loving gesture has now turned into the ultimate burger experience in Metro Cebu, and all because of the love they have received from everyone who has tried #DubbysBurgers.

Each of the ruggedly delicious #DubbysBurgers is made with Natural Grass Fed Beef from New Zealand, with options for Double Cheese or Triple Cheese goodness. Customers can choose between original secret sauce, and spicy secret sauce. Paired with a cup of Authentic Thai Tea, add some pearls, and you have the perfect ultimate burger combo!

Not only will you fill your tummies with every order of Dubby’s Ultimate Burgers, you will also be helping the PWD employees. JP is the CEO of the Philippine Accessible Disability Services Inc. – PADS which empowers persons with disabilities through sports and rehabilitation. JP and Maimai decided to hire the PWD athletes of the PADS Adaptive Dragonboat Racing Team to become part of the assembly line because they believe in equal opportunities for all. Currently, there are 14 PWD athletes and volunteers being employed by #TeamDubby. The more you support Dubby’s Ultimate Burgers, the more lives we can change together!

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